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Hoping to persuade my collector for paying for deletion


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Hi~~I just began to talk with a collection representative about my Honda account..she told me that I owe about 4000 but they are willing to settle in the amount of 2000. I want for deletion...but I don't know how to argue with them to persuade to let me pay 2000 settlement balance for deletion...I am just a college student right and completely a beginner in repairing credit..how should i talk to them about deletion with paying just the settlement balance..what if they don't accept and pursue legal charges....

Please help

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First, paying the collector will not fix your credit. While it is true that the CA can negotiate for a delete, the OC can and frequently will keep the negative TL on your credit. MAny of the people on this site have tried to pay an old account and all you get out of it is less money in your pocket and a paid collection on your CR.

I am guessing that if a CA has the account, you last made a payment at least 6 months ago. It may even be a repo. If so, there are many reasons why you don't owe even a fraction of what they are claiming you owe.

Read the stickys at the top of this forum for tips on how to get started. Also, if you want personal advice on this account, answer the following:

What state are you in?

When did the account fall behind and remain behind?

When did you make the last payment?

Was this car repoed?

If so, was it auctioned, and if so, for how much?

That should do for starters

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