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Hello Everyone you guys have been soooo helpful! I found the site last month and immediately started disputing. So far I've gotten 4 out of 7 tradelines removed off of Transunion. 5 out of 8 on Experian (DVing 2 out of the 3 left). Sent a goodwill/dispute letter directly to Cox through email, got it removed within 1 day. Sent goodwill to Dillards via email, got both 30 day lates removed within 3 days!

However Equifax has not completed it's investigation, 30 days was up on the 18th, checked new credit report daily and they still havent completed it, so I sent 2nd letter 30 day time limit expired, remove items!

DV dispute with CA for Sprint has sent me a statement that does not equivilate to the amount they say I owe. The 1st statement they sent me showed that Sprint owed me money, I sent them 2nd DV letter saying JERKS read what you send, you did not validate date, etc.. Then they sent me an almost identical 2nd statement with nothing that I asked for in the DV letter, But I'm waiting to send the ITS letter, b/c Transunion and Experian deleted the account last week so now it only shows on Equifax and they haven't completed their investigation yet. SHould I wait for Equifax or send ITS letter now? :?::?:

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