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Reaffirmation games ?


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brief refresher sorry this is so long, just don't want to leave out any info needed here.

filed bk aug.25 in kansas 341 in sept.

approx. discharge date 11/28

1st mort. w/ocwen, I know icky pooh. they still have not answered the attorney on reaffirmation agreement. BTW am in RESPA issues w/them as well. keep trying to chg for back forced placed hazard ins. each time I prove I had ins. on past dates they said I didn't, then they just pick new past dates. stupid bullshit. we are still getting mo. statements from them and keeping current.

amer. gen. has 2nd mort. they keep making verbal agreements w/my attorney over the phone that they will cut interest rate in 1/2 if we sign reaffirmation, but then they won't sign and return the agreement to my attorney. WTF??? they are no longer sending statements, but am keeping current on pmts.

they also have loan on trailer. same deal here, make verbal phone agreement w/;my attorney on reaffirm., but then won't return the agreement. not sending statements, but am also keeping pmts. current.

Im not sure if this has any bearing or not, but. on trailer loan. shortly after it was purchased I had all documentation in glove box, was going to go to court house, do title work, etc. this was in 02. step son was pissed at us for not giving him $ or something stupid at the time. Pretty sure he was the one who "took" all the paperwork from glove box. (he is also one who a few yrs before that got pissed same reason and took copies of will & prenuptial out of our files (broke lock) and of course dumb a$$ un dh refused to confront him etc. when I tried was a big wreck as un dh tried to say he knew I had taken the docs. and was just trying to cause trouble. etc. )

So no title on trailer. I have tried a couple of times to get copies of paperwork from dealer where we bought it. they keep dodging me, just don't want to dig thru their stuff I'm sure. we have loan papers w/trailer in our names w/ am gen lien and also a UCC financing statement file w/KS sec. of state showing our names & lien, VIN, etc.

attorney says not to worry of course if no agreements are signed just keep all current. She has been very competent etc.

any likely hood lien holders are trying to cook something up, so to speak????

suggestions/thoughts PLEASE

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Lady, I am so so so sorry. I just realized that I hijacked this thread. When I read this thread it made me decide to put up my post, but I honestly thought that I did a new topic, but obviously I did not. I am so sorry for such bad manners. Apologies to everyone. I would certainly understand if as a moderator you moved this to another thread.


on the 2nd if they were trying to push the reaffirmation out to the end to scare me into signing for the full amount, etc.

Yeah, I would so love to throttle that kid for all the paperwork nitemares he has caused, etc. I can't believe it never dawned on me to do what you just said about replacing stolen title, etc. That is where I will go with this next. Thanks so much for jump starting my brain :roll:

again, so sorry

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