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Phantom Credit Card Account

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Just got my TransUnion report. One credit card entry has me confused:


Balances: $209

Date Updated: 10/2005

High Balance: $402

Credit Limit: $700

Past Due: $0

Terms: Minimum $10

Pay Status: Paid or Paying as Agreed

Account Type: Revolving Account

Responsibility: Individual Account

Date Opened: 12/1982

Thing is, I've never heard of this account! I haven't been paying on it, and yet it shows current. Anybody have any idea where this is coming from? Do I need to be worried?


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I'm going to cast aside all good sense and just marvel at the fact that you were just handed a positive 23-year-old tradeline. I'd have to fight the temptation to just lie back and enjoy it! LOL

Gotta wonder why the credit limit is still only $700 after 23 years, though. Did the entry just appear this month? Is it on your other reports?

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I saw a similar item on my credit report. After some digging it decoded to conoco-phillips-union citicard citibank south dakota nat'l association. If you established a gas company credit card with union 76 or conoco or phillips, this is likely it.

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It probably got put on your report as the result of a mixed file.

It happens, especially with females, when two people have the same first name and similar social security numbers.

I would leave it be for now. Once you get your credit score north of say 775 and your average age of accounts is over 5 years, then I would do something about it.

If your name is fairly common you might try this. Call your credit card companies and see if your names are short enough so they can add your middle name to your credit cards. That version will show up on your credit reports.

The idea here is that if your file is being mixed with that of another persons then you want to make your personal information more unique. Another alternative is to change the spelling of your first name by one character on just your credit cards.

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