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Well I just updated my TC and noticed experian fako fell 8 points. So I check see what it is.

Norfolk Financial posted a VERY old collection that I settled with them back in Dec 04. I have not rec'd anything from EX or Norfolk. I have a letter saying "accordingly this account has been settled to the mutual satisfaction of the parties". OC does not show on EX. CO as of 4/03 - 30days late as of 11/01 - SOL this month.

They show my recent "payment" (settlement amount) of $300 on EX. I don't know where they are getting their credit limit or balance from.

Do I DV and dispute? Wait for EX to screw up and NOT inform me of this addition w/in 5 days (or that just for reinsertions - which this seems like to me)

Any help appreciated. I am going for Chod next week and would like to put it in there.


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