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Double TLs...how to delete


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I was recently denied credit due to balances too high and couldn't figure out what the problem was until I pulled my TransUnion report and found numerous account reported a few different times.

I wrote a dispute letter to TransUnion to tell them that they are reporting several TLs numerous times. The TLs have the same exact balance and credit limit and yet, they can't seem to wrap their brains around it.

Bank One Visa became Chase Visa and they report a balance of 6478 on both of them. I circled them both and sent them in. I said THIS IS THE SAME ACCOUNT. I received an updated credit report and it hasn't changed. They are BOTH still on there. Same account number, same balance, just one is Bank One and one is Chase.

I also have the same Citibank Visa being reported 3 times. It has a small balance (500) and a big credit line (5000) but I can't help but think this is hurting me.

I also have a student loan that was once 90k and is now 71k. The high balance and balance are always the same. Right now it's being reported as high balance is 71k and balance is 71k. I've paid on this for years and I've disputed this but they never change it.

I'm frustrated because unless it's a clear "not mine" or "never late" they don't seem to be able to deal with it.

any thoughts?

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