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HI! This is my first time here, I just found this site in my search for information that could help in my case.

My daughter was student of a university for a period of 3 semesters, then, for some unclear reazon she was left out of it, (clases were already started when she finally got clear for reinscription, so her "counselor" told her it'll be better to wait for de next semester).

Thing is, after six month this university send the oustanding balance for tuition cost on her account to collection, and also notified to other creditors that she had graduated fron that univ. and then the other creditors sended in their bill.

We were able to clarified to those other creditor what had happen and got them extend the original agreements of the loans due to her enrollment full time in another educational institution.

When she went to business office to look for a solution on her collection posted acc. they processed a loan on her behalf for part of the amount owed, pulled out the acc. from the CA and we though it was the end of it but, three month ago we received a letter from a law office saying "This office has been requested to collect the above mentioned acc.(s) by an authorized collection agent of the creditor"

We do not have any legal knolege nor money to seek and pay a legal advisor so, we ignored the letter, we have been receiving phone calls and another letter threating with a lawsuit, we ignored them, now we have received a form like letter entitled "VOLUNTARY PAYMENT OPPORTUNITY"

that they want her to sign and send alone with a payment.

Call our attention than this lawyer is adding $1400.00 Dls. to the principal in concept of "cost" plus interest, I belived that the creditor has to pay any collection actions, but again, I don't know.

Other thing is that when my daughter got enrolled in that univ. she got loans and grants that were disbursed 50% begining the year and 50% ending the year, but she was out un the midle of the year so the rest of the money should be credited to her acc. and that is not the case.

We have no proofs of loans or grants due to the fact that every thing was done electronically on my daughter's university student web account and now she has been baned to acces it.

If there is any one who could give us advise, we'll really apreciate it

P.S Excuse my english, it is not my lenguage, I'm learning it. I hope it was understood. Thank you very much.

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What you should do is contact the university where the problem originated and work from there. You should first contact the attorney threatening you with collection and request a bill of particulars if you have not already received this information. When you receive this information, if it doesn't make sense refer it back to the school. All schools have financial aid officers on staff to research matters such as these without you having to retain an attorney on your own. It doesn't mean you will not need a lawyer in the future, but the school and their lawyer should be your first step.

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I already have contacted the university and what they've offered is a payment plan (ten monthly payments) or get a loan, I can't do any of those options because right now I'm temporarily disable under worker compensation and the money I'm getting is not enough to cover eather option.

The debt is on my daughter's name and I'm paying for it, my daughter does not have a job nor assets and this university has not a humanitarian way to deal with situations like ours. I went to the campus ministry and they told me they can't do nothing ones the bill has reach collection status.

What are our options?

Is there a viable way to solve this?

Any sugestions or coments?

It will be very much appreciated.

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