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Getting a Default Judgment Vacated for Cohen & Slamowitz

Guest dirkdingy

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Guest dirkdingy

There were two inacurices on my credit reports that I had removed through the process of debt validation/verification. The credit cards were those of another student with a similar name who lived in my dorm. Cohen and Slamowtiz pulled my credit report and contacted them to ask why. I told them that the original creditor and the original collection agency agreed that the accounts were not mine. They explained to me that the debts were mine and that they were going to sue me. I told them that I was currently in Iraq, working in support of OIF, and that I would not waive service; however, I provided them with my address at the Embassy (but not the APO) and my Iraqna telephone number. I was then told by their representative that he hoped, "my a$$ was blown up because I was a leech on society and a deadbeat dad." I have no children. I sent them a letter via certified mail the next day that stated I wanted them to validate/verify the debt and that I would not waive service, if they were serious about suing me.

Six months later they performed a nail and mail service at my undergraduate university residence and obtained a $3200 default judgment against me--without notifying me. My credit report (that they pulled), conversation, and letter to them both indicated that I no longer lived in the university residence hall. I called them and told them that the debt was not mine and that service was improper. Their response was, "Too bad. The Court found you guilty. You owe us the money."

First, how long does it take for them to seize my bank account after a judgment has been rendered? What’s the absolute fastest that you’ve heard of this happening?

Second, if I open up a new account in a different state can they still get the money out? Can’t they just look at the inquiry on the credit report from the new bank and locate my new bank that way.

Three, how much to hire a NY attorney to deal with this?


Please note that I would have never have known about the judgment if it were not for Experian’s credit watch.

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