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Weird activity on credit report


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About a month ago, a collection showed up on my CR from an old cable bill that I thought was paid when I moved last year. I didn't even know it had gone to collection since the notices were being sent to my old address, apparently. :(

Anyway, here's the deal. The account was closed in June 2004. But on my CR, the collection account is shown as being opened in June of 2005--about a year after the charge off. Once the collection hit my CR, my Experian score dropped from 678 to about 640 something. I disputed the charge through creditexpert.com because the date was wrong and I wanted them to fix it before I do anything else. Well, they verified it and it remains on my CR. But here's were it gets weird. After they verified it, my credit score returned to where it was before the collection appeared on the account, even though the collection remains.

Is this a glitch? Did someone screw up?

Also, is the date I'm seeing on my CR not the date used in aging the account? Is there another date not shown for when the original creditor charged off the account?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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