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My equifax score 717!!


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I could not have done it without the help of many of the board members. I stopped disputing with the CRA's because I noticed that it was lowering my scores and took a little time off of the site because I didn't want to get too excited and try too hard.

I decided that I needed to send one last letter to the CA that is reporting 2 Cox cable accounts and has not responded to the 2 dv letters I sent. After writing the letter, I decided to pay for my experian report and score and I screamed when I saw 717!!!

I chose eq because I can still access experian and TU was so bad last I checked but I plan on buying all three after this dv has time to go through because in my letter I gave them 15 days to remove the tradeline since they have not validated, nor responded to my letter which of course were sent CRMM 8-) .

Thanks again. :lol:

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