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too damn scared to deal with my debt

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Im being sued by Discover for a little over $6000. My last payment to Discover was roughly 12 months ago. But it was my parents that were making my payments for at least a year or more before I couldn't do that any longer. When I couldn't make payments I didn't call Discover or make any attempt at explaining my situation. I have a horrible time dealing with problems, even much more lesser problems than this. So Im now in this situation, which I found out about last evening and has me so twisted up inside that Im physically sick-- fear, terror, cant sleep, my stomach. All sound silly and stupid I know, but its how I am no matter how embarrassing it is to admit this.

I've dealt with depression, anxieties, almost panic and horrible fears and other issues during my life. All of this has controlled me in seriously crippling ways. I've had zero income for over 2 years-- and barely any before that. Doctors, therapy, medication-- I try and fail. But I'm actually, over the last 3 months, for the first time making improvements (slow steps forward but more than I've ever had before) due to a new doctor and new medication that really helps. But this problem with Discover... Im ready to curl up and disappear. All my old feelings of worthlessness are back 100x. I know what Im supposed to do-- or no, really I dont, but I know I should call a lawyer or call someone or just talk to a friend-- but I cant. I cant. Im just so messed up miserable and wanting to... I know I should be calling my doctor, but even that... admitting this stupid, stupid problem which is all my fault, my embarrassment and feelings of worthlessness are too overwhelming.

I dont know what to do. This is all I can think of since Im at least semi-anonymous.

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And that's just the way "they" want you to feel. You're not alone - the golden rule of business is to keep you, as the consumer, in the dark. This is especially true when it comes to taking your money - and I'm not talking about paying back what you owe - I'm talking about (for starters) writing cardholder agreements that not even professors in schools of business can't even interpret.

Then there's this idea that falling behind in your payments is a crime. It is not. Embarassment? Who's going to know? They don't run ads on television listing the names of all the people who are behind (although they would love nothing more than to be able to).

The key here, I believe, is not facing your problems - it's facing problems you know nothing about. By coming here, you've already taken the first step to educating yourself about how this game works. Once you know the rules, you'll not only be more confident, but you'll be less likely to put yourself into the position you're in now.

Like I say - most of us can "solve for x", but they never taught us how to balance a checkbook in school.... and that ties into my first comment.... that's just the way "they" like it.

*off soapbox*

Apart from looking around for attorneys who will help those in an economic situation like yourself (your State Bar may have a free referral service), there's some more info needed so the members can get a better feel for your situation.

Are you currently working? Do you have any assets?

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DocDon is right. The biggest fear you have is fear of teh unknown. Well, you know what you are in for here. A lawsuit. A judgment. If you have no income or assets, they can so nothing more. It will haunt you til you can take care of it, but it sounds like you have a more important thing to deal with than any CC: your own mental health.

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