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credit reporting company pays me now $3000

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Seems like it's been a good couple of weeks around here!!!!



It's official. An ongoing legal battle I’ve had with a CRA has resulted in a withdrawal/dismissal of all claims! In addition, they've paid ME $3,500 as settlement (cha-ching!).( abra cadabra:)

Thanks to ALL for your great contributions (but especially Swede, admin, bingo, calawyer, Cookiemnster, Buzz-saw, LadynRed, and Ironman). You may or may not have directly responded to my posts, but I've been busy reading what YOU'VE been posting! I am truly grateful to have found this site. It IS possible to defeat a CA in court……and damn it feels good!


The original suit was filed against me in small claims...where they CA LOST. The dumb a$$ CA stipulated to dismmissed and I ruled counter lawsuit in federal court against though even though the CA had no valid proof. I even presented the court with a packet of court cases, FDCPA rules and FTC opinion lettersand FCRA RULES !! His one sentence ruling stated: “Based on the testimony and evidence presented here today, it’s unlear clear we can continue the trial without substential witness and that judgment should not be entered for the Plaintiff. Of course, knowing what REAL validation is, I immediately counter sued them in District Courts.

On counter suit , it was obvious that they had nothing but smoke and mirrors as proof. Their only evidence was a few internally generated documents and an affidavit of lost note, an affidavit signed by a prior CA and an illegible, unsigned photocopy of a CC agreement dated EIGHT YEARS AFTER THE ALLEDGED ACCOUNT WAS SUPPOSEDLY OPENED!!! (Talk about a reach!). They had NOTHING from the OC. They could not prove one charge, one payment or even that the SOL had NOT expired.

They were so desperate that they sent ME a request for MY checking account information, copies of MY CC statements and any and all payments that I allegedly ever made to the OC (hell would’ve froze over before I sent them any of that stuff....even if I had it!!!!) I was just about to make a motion for summary judgment when the dismissal offer came in. I said, sure.....for $5,000 bucks! We eventually settled on the $3.5K. (Incidentally, would have sincerely loved to continue the suit and pounder them silly, but counsel isn't cheap and there are NO guarantees.)

Their case was a bunch of hot air and intimidation tactics (such as the filing of an alternate count of unjust enrichment when I didn’t bite at THEIR original settlement offer). I knew they were bluffing the moment I served them with the motion for summary judgement papers because they immediately tried to settle with me for 10% of the suit amount (which was real close to the $45.500 bucks they paid me…hahaha.). I also filed a motion to have the case appealed if i lost in the very event, but the court refused (why, I have no idea).

The whole tide turned in this case when I filed counterclaims for FDCPA and FCRA violations against the CRA and the CRA's and CA and CA`s attorneys personally. Once the counterclaims were filed and served, it was a matter of days until it was all over. (This whole thing went on for nearly 11 months).

Anyway, I am certain that this “bottom feeder” CRA and CA never intended the suit to go past small claims. While they may have bamboozled the small claims judge into accepting their pitiful evidence, they failed in a court of record. 8)

Now, we'll see if the CRA's AND CA AND OC still want to claim the debt is verified after I send them some court documents....... 8-)

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