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Help with Experian


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Hey all,

Fairly seasoned credit repair person here. I have had very good luck with EQ and TU both clean as a whistle. Experian on the other hand is very messy. I have disputed with all 3 over the last yerar and a half at the same time on the same tradelines. Stuff comes off the other two, but not Experian. I keep getting the "Previously Investigated" reports over and over and over. I even tried the steps up the law suit letter ladder, just get back "previously investigated." I have seen this problem listed in other messages, but I have not seen any good resolutions. I hate to go the creditors and validate just for experian and then they put it back on the other 2 as well. What has worked for you guys. How do I get them to move? Merry Christmas! Katy, TX

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