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Getting ready to mail letters, but a few more questions...


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Hello all. :D Thanks again for all this great info! I am so excited!

Okay, I am getting ready to start disputing to CRAs and DV CA and OC. Just want some more expert advice before I do.

I have some old credit reports from several CRAs. I knew that Cap One was changing the dates, (well, several do) but found proof on an Equifax from 12/17/03 a date of 6/1998 as DOLA and the same date on an another 11/19/04 report. The new reports all say like 2000 or some 2005. How can I prove that they are reporting the wrong DOLA and get it deleted for the 7yr SOL? The other CRAs don't have the old date, just the Equifax. But I was hoping there was a way I could get all 3 to delete based on that old date, what do I do?

Also, a lot of mine are COs and they have vague TL if any, and hardly any have DOL or 1st 30 days late or last 30 days late. So, I can't tell if they are also near the 7 yr or should I just dispute to the CRA that I can't find DOLA or 1st 30days late, and then DV the OC or CA? Or how can I find the actual 1st 30 days late?

I am also sure some of them have passed the Coll SOL of 4yrs in my state, but they haven't been contacting me much.

I am very grateful for advice here. I'm so close to sending all this out, but really need to make certain of these things.

Also, I read that it is one year for inquires to remain if they are not employment, correct?

Thanks sooooo much!


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