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Help! They want me to pay OVER THE PHONE---TODAY!

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I've finally negotiated an acceptable settlement, but have two problems with it...they want immediate payment OVER THE PHONE (Is that a good idea, giving them my checking info---I did create a separate account just for this purpose but was still planning to send thru mail). The CA is Plaza Associates, the original creditor, Wachovia. (orig debt: 5K negotiated down to 2K and it is still within SOL after all)

Also, they sent a fax as the written offer. Is a fax all I need with the agreement, or do I need it to go through the post. They were so agressive with me (I called them wanting to settle up) that it made me feel like something is wrong. I was all set to pay with a billpay, but of course they said they need it by Nov. 30, the end of the month, tomorrow.

And they refused to clear it from my CR.

Any attys out there with some quickie advice. I'm so eager to have this be over, but don't want to end up getting tricked by these guys. Do you think it's okay to go ahead and pay them off over the phone? Is there any way to get them to wait for it to come through the mail? (the fax says phone pay only and price will go up to 2600. after that.....


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Absolutely do not ever give banking information over the telephone. No matter what they say. A few years ago I had NCO on the run with a recorded phone call. The debt was for just under $3,000 and there were two very clear violations of the FDCPA. I sent a settlement offer for $914 which if you subtract $2000 from the original debt was all that was left. They called me and said they would accept my terms if they secured payment immediately. I didn't budge and sent a money order to NCO with copies of the tapes of their phonecalls to me.

As per the agreement they accepted payment and deleted. That was that.

Do not fall for anything they try to tell you. Go to your nearest Radio Shack and buy a phone recorder and call them back and tell them you will ne sending payment of the agreed amount. Try to get them on a violation or two and then follow through.

That's my advice. Many here would probably tell you under no circumstances talk on the phone.

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Never give bank account information to a CA, even if you set up the account just for that purpose ( I really don't understand why folks do this anyway).

I recently settled an HSBC account with Mann Bracken and they tried to give me that same "we need your payment TODAY" song and dance. Like you, I initiated contact with them to settle the account. I first had them fax terms of the agreement to me (they refused to delete, also, but I'm okay with that. I plan to wait a while and dispute if off), and then I sent the payment to them via Western Union. I let them know immediately, though, that I knew my rights and that I was NOT, under any circumstances, planning to give them my bank account information, so that they could clean out my account.

Be firm and and don't let them smell fear. :!:

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