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A few years ago I donated a car to a local charity, and recently found out when checking my reports that the charity and/or whoever purchased the car at their auction did not complete the DMV paperwork to change ownership. The car was ticketed and towed and these items have landed on MY reports. :shock:

I've tried to resolved the ticket with no luck (even though I have copies of some paperwork) and now I'm ready to tackle the towing collection, but I have no idea what the SOL is on something like this. I'm in California, so the SOL is two years on no written/verbal and four years on everything else. What does something like this fall under? I certainly didn't sign anything so I'm guessing/hoping it's 2 years just in case this one comes back at me like the ticket did. The ticket was only $35 and I can live with that but the towing is a lot more and I don't want to find myself in court.

Thanks for any and all help...

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