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I have been trying to clean up my credit since September 12th, 2005. I had about 9 or 10 baddies on all three reports. Since September I have been reading up on every credit forum I could find, creditboards.com being the last find.

I began my disputes with EX first and managed to have 4 baddies removed with the first round of disputing with them. 4 others were removed by emailing the CA's and getting written statements from them that they were removing the lates (usually referred to as goodwill letters). I faxed those letters in to TU and EQ since they are so slow. EX gets notification from the CA's and removes them quite quickly. TU and EQ are totally clean now

I have gone from 580(or so) fako score with each credit bureau to FICO's of 758-EQ 765-TU(you can get TU FICO from www.transunioncs.com or www.myfico.com) and ??-EX. I have not checked my FICO with EX yet, I'm still waiting for the last two neg disputes to be completed(currently, my FAKO with EX is at 693). They are still pending and should be done Dec 17th. One of which is Cap1 and the other is a collection account of just $28

(I know...I know...stupid me)

In case some did not read one of my previous post, I managed to get Cap1(closed/paid account) to change my 90-day late to a 30-day late. They faxed me a letter of my status change and I forwarded it, by fax, to TU and EQ. Both CRA's managed to read the letter wrong and changed my 90-day late to ZERO lates! I was quite fortunate. I had disputed this account with EX before and it came back verified and I decided that since I had called in and updated some of my personal info (like name and address), I would try to dispute the accounts again. It's harder to connect you to accounts if they don't have the name/address you had when you opened the account

I was told by EX that disputes for Cap1 usually come back within 2 weeks, they're fast at verifying, but it has been almost thirty days (EX has 45 to verify since it is from a free report) and no response. I'm crossing my fingers until Dec. 17th. If Cap1 does come back verified, I'll just mail in my letter in hopes that they make the same mistake TU & EQ made.

Just under three (3) months and my scores have gone up tremendously. Just proof that anyone can change their credit history for the better.

P.S.- I'm in the process of building a house that should be finished in Jan/Feb. The builder took out the loan and is allowing us to do a regular purchase from him. I should be able to get an excellent rate for the loan that we need with my scores and being that we are 1st time home buyers.


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I have been reading your posts and noticed the good success you have had. Congrats! Can you give me some more details about your experience with Crap1? You said that were emailing the execs and they finally called you about it. What did you say in your emails? Was it more of a good will letter? Did you keep sending the same letter everytime over and over?

I also sent an email to the CEO of crap1 and got a reply for a women in the executive offices. I sent a copy of my letter to her, but so far I haven't heard anything back. I am gonna try to contact her again today. Any help would be appreciated!

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My emails were like a goodwill letter. I stated that they were preventing me from getting financing on a home and would appreciate a one time courtesy...remove the negative information/lates. I emailed the same people over and over again until I got a response.

I received a call from a woman in the Exec offices as well and she said she would call me back. I asked her when I should hear from her and she said within a couple of days. When I didn't hear from her, I called her and asked how her progress was going. Of course, she acted like she just got an answer as to what she should do and said they could only change my 90-day late to a 30-day late. I begged and begged for them to remove lates completely, but no such luck. A 30-day late is better than 90.

I asked her to fax me a letter stating they were changing the 90 day to 30. She did. But what really helped me was the way they worded their letter: "As a customer courtesy we are contacting the three major credit bureaus to request that they delete the negative credit information from your credit file......" Then they listed the months they wanted the negs deleted from.

I decided not to wait on them to notify the bureaus. I faxed the letter to EQ and TU. Once the bureaus get the letter, all they see is "delete the negative credit information" they don't pay attention to the months they are to correct. So all three bureaus removed all of the negs and made Cap1 a positive TL.

I hope that helps you a little. Best wishes!

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