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Need some advice on how to answer the admissions.

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I received papers today for an attorney, asking for Admissions, and Interrogatories, and request for production of documents.

I live in Okla,

I know how to answer the admissions, but I don't understand when I deny the admissions they are wanting me to state specifically and in detail, and be reasonable in doing so , the actual truth of the matter.

how do I answer that one , just ask them to prove it, I know they are wanting me to do there work for them and I want them to work for it . don't want to make it easy , so any help is greatly appericated very much .

also how do I get the foms to answers these admissions, and how do I do the under oath, I know I sound like a not to smart person and that I am not smart so please forgive my ignorance.

thanks so much .

okie girl

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Their #4 is always the same. Here's how I answered:

INTERROGATORY NO. 4: If you deny any of the above Requests for Admissions, state specifically and in detail, and be reasonable in doing so, the actual truth of the matter.


a. Denials as to Admission NO. 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are so stated because Plaintiff neglected and/or refused to send verification documentation though Defendant requested it several times. Defendant repeats request for strict proof thereof.

Just answer something like that. If you don't know, you don't know - just ask that they prove it.

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your name, of lawful age, being duly sworn upon oath, deposes and states:

That he is the defendant above named; that he read the foregoing and is familiar

with the contents thereof; that the facts and matters stated therein are true and


Your name

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this Day of


Respectfully submitted


your name



I'm from the great stateof oklahoma too.....this is what i used to do the under oath thing

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