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Midland has Collection Acct on CR but has no info.HELP


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This is what has been on my EX report as a negative account for about 4 months now please read below and explain to me how this is a negative account or better yet a collections account if it shows no Status and is not being reported as a collection account, theres not even a balance.They have no info yet they are reporting it as a collection account ? This is exactly what shows up on my EX report, Please Help !! Thank You...



PO BOX 939019


Account Number: 00000000000

Original Creditor: PROVIDIAN BANK

Status: NO STATUS.

Date Opened: 01/2003

Type: NA

Credit Limit: NA

Date of Status: 06/2001

Terms: NA

High Balance: NA

Reported Since: 06/2001

Monthly Payment: NA

Recent Balance: NA

Last Reported Date: NA

Responsibility: Individual

Recent Payment: NA

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