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Credigy/Stewart associates victims - READ


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From Bud Hibbs' news section:

STEWART & ASSOCIATES/CREDIGY RECEIVABLES IN DEEP TROUBLE We have already reported how incredibly stupid these people are, that they have teams working at their GA office manufacturing phony documents for use in court filings. Courts from across the country are dismissing their claims in record numbers. Apparently the attorneys they hire to litigate these cases no longer want their names associated with the sleazy Stewart/Credigy organization and are abandoning them in hordes. Consumers are fighting back too, NACA attorneys who get involved lead the pack in dismissals.

One attorney couple, Kyle Dovikan and spouse Karen Ditsch, of Paris, TX continue to file bogus lawsuits. Dovikan, known for his hot temper and lack of FDCPA is still working at selling books for CCH Publishing, in spite of rumors that he is NOT allowed to practice law while a book salesman. Wife Karen has changed her number again, still dodging attorneys, but she is now filing cases in New York State. Amazing how she and hubby can be in three states at one time. Credigy/Stewart employees are nervous they may face criminal charges for the work they are doing. Their South American money partners are reportedly nervous at the future prospects, Owner Steven Jeffrey Stewart rumored to be hiding in Vegas to avoid the summons servers. This train wreck is headed into oblivion, via a criminal case, more as we receive it.

You can read that and more here:


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