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Removing old listings


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I have a bunch of listings on my CR, most of which are old and settled. I was planning on disputing them. Here's the rough breakdown:

- One charge off on an auto loan - I paid it off eventually, now I don't even have the car anymore.

- One account that I am in settlement negotiations on with the collection agency. The original account was sold a couple of times, so now I'm dealing with a CA...but there are two listings on my report that are from the original creditor and a previous CA. Those are what I want to delete.

So I figure that if I dispute them with the credit bureaus, they will request verification...then they won't be verified because the creditors no longer have any stake in doing so...since they sold off the debt (or it was paid) there is nothing to collect.

Can anyone tell me if I'm right about this? Why would they bother to respond when there is no financial incentive? Right?

thanks in advance

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