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Promissory Fraud and Breach of Contract ?

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I have a question, I was unable to pay on an account with a credit union. They called and asked if I could pay $25 per month, and I told them I would if they would not report any negatives to the credit report and no interest, they agreed as shown in my statements. They reveresed all interest and late payments from my account and I made my payments on time for 6 months. After six months I get a notice from a collection company saying they are going to sue me if i dont pay. They did everything per FDCPA. I disputed, they verified with credit app and account printout. My question is this, Can I bring suit against the Credit Union for promissory fraud and breach of contract.

Case Law Fanucchi & Limi Farms v. United Agri Products, 2005 WL 1645694 (9th Cir.(Cal.))

The collection agency is listed as the plantiff, do I amend my response to include a counter suit. Or do I have to file a lawsuit since the Credit Union is not listed as the Plantiff.

Thanks In Advance


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