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Empty TU report


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I just pulled all three reports by going to the individual CRA websites. I've already used my freebies. My TU report has almost nothing in it. None of my 3 current CC, not my current auto lease or my current mortgage. None of my past CC. It only showed a past mortgage, auto lease, collection and student loan. That's it.

I also have a copy of the CRs used by the lender of my current mortgage. The CRs are 6 months old. The TU has a "FICO Classic 98" score of 662. Three of the reasons for the lowered score are listed as...

"Lack of recent revoling account information"

"Length of time accounts have been established"

"Lack of recent bank revolving information"

I know lenders often look at the middle score but is there anyway I can get my current and past accounts listed on TU? Nothing on the report is incorrect except that it's missing almost everything. Or should I just let it sit like this?

Thanks for any insight

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Sounds like you have a split report. Look around you'll find several people who have experience split reports, and they can let you know what to so.

Been_Ponzied found her/himself with a split report and the CRA would not fix it, even under threat of lawsuit if I remember right.

I've read it's a real PITA to straighten out once it happens.

Good luck.

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