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Incorrect DOLA


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Can anyone shed some light on this? From what I've read here...

DOLA for a medical bill is the date of service.

If the DOLA is incorrect we have to prove the correct one.

Assuming I understand this correctly...I have a paid medical collection with a DOLA that is supposed to be 9/1999. Here are the dates that are listed on my CRs...


Date Opened n/a

Date Reported 7/2005

Date of Last Payment 7/2005

Date Major Delinquency First Reported (left blank)

Date of Last Activity n/a

Date Closed 7/2005


Date Open 2/2004

Balance Date 7/23/2005 - This is the date I paid it.

It's not on TU but I think I have a split file.

It looks like they didn't report to EQ until I paid it. Now, I have no paperwork from 1999 about this. When I DV'd the CA back in 5/2004, they sent me info which stated "First Symptom 9/26/99". What they sent me was just a computer printout on their letterhead.

Does this work as proof of DOLA? Do I dispute this as wrong DOLA and then if it comes back verified then send the proof to CRA?

Thanks for any help

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I know that now but I didn't back then. I had a feeling that wasn't proper validation but I wasn't able to get anything else out of them.

They first contacted me in early 2004 and I had no idea how to deal with this. I ended up making a lot of mistakes. I was forced to pay to get a mortgage. I pulled my CRs before applying for a mortgage and everything was fine but they showed up when my lender pulled CRs. My lender told me just days before closing. Even with what I've learned now, I don't think I could've done anything else with only a few days to work with.

So, now I thought my best bet would be to make sure it drops of my CRs at the proper time by getting the proper DOLA reported. Unless anyone has another idea?

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