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CCB Credit Services -- Springfield, IL


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Good Morning --

My boyfriend received a call this morning from a CA in regards to a hospital bill. The rep at the CA was extremely rude and was sort of harassing him....he never raised his voice or got ignorant with her.....eventually she hung up on him. He called back and asked to speak with a Supervisor. The Supervisor was just as rude and threatened to have him served with a court summons. He was even as ignorant to ask him where he would like to be served -- work or home?? Anyway, they were sending the bills to a former address and he was not receiving them. He asked for a new bill to be sent out as well as an itemized bill. The supervisor complained about doing that stating it would take him 60 days to get that info together.

What if anything can we do about the rudeness of these people???

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First of all, don't irritate THEM by playing the "who is the rudest" game.

IF they are a Third party debt collector, DV them.

IF they are an inhouse Collector, ask for verification....

How much is the debt...how OLD is it? Is it yours?

Your need the answer to many of these questions before you take action....

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FTC online form:


Do a Google search for the AG's office (ie: "Florida Attorney General"). There you'll find a link to "For Consumers" or "File a Complaint"... something to that effect. Most you can do right online.

There is no fee for this.

Also, don't start off your complaint to the Attorneys General with mention of the FDCPA or FCRA - they'll pawn those off as fast as they come in since they don't believe (even though it's actually in both Acts) that it falls under their jurisdiction.

Check state consumer protection laws (collection laws) and go that route. It's first and foremost a consumer protection issue.

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Illinois requires all CAs inside their borders to be licensed through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. (http://www.idfpr.com/) You can file any formal complaints there. They can be fined by the State in addition to you being able to claim FDCPA violations.

1. They cannot use profanity or abusive language.

2. They cannot threaten suit, threaten court summonses, or threaten to "recommend suit" to their client unless they are a bar-licensed lawyer themselves. They also cannot use terms like "go legal" etc.

CCB Credit Services is licensed. Their license number is 17000252. No official disciplinary action has been taken against them so far. They have been in business since 1998.

As far as recording phone calls, Illinois is a two party state by Statute, but the Illinois supreme court has ruled that recording as one party is OK for "enhanced note taking" purposes. So you can record any phone call to these jokers without telling them, so long as you don't use it as evidence at a trial. You can, however, play it back to someone at the ILdprs so they can verify your complaint of abuse. :-)

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