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Experian is messing with me... Please help


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I sent a dispute to all 3 CRA's nov.19th

today i get a letter from Experian wanting me to verify my address..

The reason I am mad is because I verified This address in Sept. 2005. Just 3 months ago..

I sent in a few differnet proofs of address.... What should I do.. I know they are just trying to buy themselves some time..

It is a waste of my time to run down all the proofs and copy them and mail them off when I just did it 3 months ago.

What should I do...?

Please help..

I want to write them a rude letter but I do not want them to get mad and not delete the disputes on my CR.

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I just experienced the same thing from Equifax....I believe it is just a stall tactic.....I would call them on it, and send an "Intent to Sue" letter while stating that their attempt to "stall" the dispute process by asking you to verify your address in bad faith, is not Only transparent but a violation of the FCRA.

I did this with Equifax and promptly all my negative tradelines and a handfull of recent inquires dropped off and / or were updated to reflect positive....But I know, from my experience, experian is a little more stubborn and less cooperative to dispute requests....Experian has been the worst for me.


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