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I reached my goals!!


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I still can't believe what I managed during the past 6 months: :shock:

In June, my average FICO-scores where around 590.

Those are my scores as of yesterday:

Equifax: 708

Experian: 746

TransUnion: 766

I just wanted to thank you all for your advice and wanted to tell you that you can actually get EVERYTHING removed if you keep on working and don't give up. I was able to have a $17K collection from AMEX and a CRA-entry from NCO removed. So never give up! :wink:

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more importantly, you learned how not to get back into that situation again, right? :wink:

Congrats! :)%

You got that right! :lol:

This Amex-incident happened right after I moved from Germany to the States, so I had no idea how this system works...

I'm amazed that my score is so high with a credit-history of only 3 years and 6 months... :shock:

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