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As you may have seen in my post awhile back ( http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=35455

I had a lot of things that went sideways for me. Well, I have grown up a bit and matured and pulled my head outta .... well you get the rest.

I paid quite a bit of attentention to what many of you Veteran members have posted and took it to heart.

To date, I have gotten 9 of 14 negs removed.

*start drumroll*

Today, I got my first credit card (unsecured) in 3 yrs and a pretty decent limit thru WAMU! Can you believe that? It may not seem like a huge deal to some, but the last few CCs I had were charged up and charged off.

I fought and fought with these people to get this sorted out. They wanted no part of it. Lucky for me, I got a second shot at it and could not have done it without everyones help. SO a hearty "Thank you" to you guys.

I am also currently dealing with a lawyer in my area (Hyde and associates) which deals with FCRA, FDCPA and Rosenthal laws.

They are handling 3 suits against a few CAs that are not playing by the rules. You can see in my previous posts about them.

Anyhow, just a brief (or not) update and again. THanks to you guys that moderate this site. It is a wealth of education for us. :D

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