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Old Bon Marche = New Macy Cards?

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Here is an interesting situation I am in.

I opened up two Bon Marche cards back in '90 & '91. I used them. Then paid them off and never used them again. I never closed them out.

I found out that on one CRA they still show up as open and positive (my only positive TL)...

This is what I want to know...I have the original acct #'s that I found on TU and want to 1.) get this positive TL on the other two CRA's and 2.) do you think it is possible to call Macy's and get these old accounts turned over into a new Macy's card?

I moved many years ago and never received a new Macy's card because I never updated my info with Bon Marche before they became Macy's.

This would be huge if I can have this happen...anyone have any experience? Thank you.

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That seems reasonable. Since your account was inactive for so long the OC may want update information such as new address, updated income info, etc.

Way back when I had a Sears (pre-Citiskank) card and used to buy holiday gifts, then didn't use it again for over a year until my car's battery went dead and I went to Sears and bought a DieHard. The clerk got a "call for approval" message and they handed the phone to me to get my updated info.

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