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Found your website last night and have been reading for 12+hours.

Dont understand it all, but I think enough to start.

I ordered my 1st credit report in 3 years.

Im ready to start attacking it.

I think Ill start with things that I know should be gone or are incorrect, and then move on to trying to get deletes for things that are valid.

Honestly, feels strange to trip them up on a technicality and get stuff deleted, but they didnt name me loop hole at work for nothing! :D

Im sure as things progress Ill have plenty of ?'s, but I wanted to say hello, and start my path.

Great message boards.


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Welcome Tango,

Congratulations on starting your road to freedom!

Here is a great thread to read to get started... You can read just the first post in this thread in 2 minutes. You'll gain a wealth of info and save yourself tons of time trying to piece this together.


Here is another good thread to review.


And lastly - I cannot find the thread that explains this MOST important principle so I'll give you the 1 minute summation-

FIX (that means remove) all your old addresses from your Credit Reports first. This trick will save you all sorts of time and effort in your process.

There are a few Sticky threads and a "Before you start" thread that can be helpful as well.

Good luck,

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Thanks for the links, and advice!

Dive, I need to start a new way of thinking and forget what has been pounded into my brain for 30 years. The CA's have a great way of making one feel like ****.

It's like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

Thanks again!


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Dive's right - Will you be treated with the decency and respect you deserve if you pay the money?

Heck no. You will actually be hurting yourself and your loved ones if you pay these bills now.

Technically, you do owe the money. However, you owe it to yourself to protect your credit rating and your future by dealing with these unfortunate debts or problems in any legal manner that improves the quality of your life.

The two main reasons this country was founded were Religous freedom AND DEBTORS PRISON. In Old Europe us commoners were not permitted to escape from unfortunate circumstances, (the landed gentry was.) This was basically slavery for the masses for the benefit of those with money.

Here in America for the first time in history people were afforded the opportunity to faulter and start again. Look what we did with this new found freedom- we beat the pants off of every other country and society in history.

Not too long ago a person could faulter, dust themselves off and rebuild their lives in short order. Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times before Disney Studios became successful. President Truman went bankrupt 4 times in two years before entering politics. You deserve the same opportunities they had. Now instead of gentile forgiveness of your debts, you will must wade through the legal wrangling of our modern society.

Don't forget the larger implications of this process to the free-market.

Maybe, just maybe, the industry will learn that this 7 year punishment they award to those who do "make-good" after unfortunate circumstances is unjust.

Maybe they will learn that usuary doesn't pay.

(Because that is what you are experiencing. Excessive Interest charging - come on 30% interest PLUS late fees )

- ahhhh Shylock Methinks thou hast out-smarted thyself !

Don't let them throw you in debtors prison. WIN and never allow these types of difficult circummstances to make you a victim again, (over indebtedness, unemployment, health problems, - whatever caused this problem.)

You can do it...

*Off soap box* Sorry for the lecture.

Good luck,

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Ill let you know exactly what I find out, I should have it (cr) in 24-48hrs.

I imagine i have stuff on there that is older than 7 years and needs to go. (actually, by talking to the identity theft verification lady I know I do as one of the creditors I listed was verified verbally to me by her was from more than 7 years ago)

I KNOW I have stuff on there that cannot be validated because I filed BK in 02 err, maybe 03... and couldnt even get account #'s or find record of myself with some CA's or OC's. Those should be removable with persistance.

There are probably close to a bijillion tl that were taken care of in the BK, but most likely not reported correctly that I want off and may have success with.

There are maybe 2 accounts currently in CA's being paid. I hope a 1-2 punch will help wipe these away. But wonder what stops them from re-reporting correct info later.... how many times can I try a 1-2 punch if the CA verifies the info? can I keep trying to get them to make a mistake and verify to the CRA before responding to my DV?

Im not sure if the BK is even ON my cr because when it was run for a house (rent) it wasnt on there, and that was in 04. Well see. If it is Ill hope there is a mistake somewhere.

in any case, its a big ole can of worms that is going to take a lot of work to fix up.

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