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My Strange (but hopeful) First Premier Story


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So this is my strange, but true story...

I've been paying on my First Premier card, after having it for about 5 months. The fees, terrible, the rates, horrific, we all know that.

So, I pay through the website the month before last. I put in my bank routing number, and all that jazz, and I put in my payment, about 1/2 my balance. I'm keeping it around for the tradeline.

About two weeks later, I get a letter from First Premier. My ACH didn't go through. I've missed a payment. Argh!

So I call First Premier. After some explanation, they reverse the fees, the "collection" fees, the late fee. I update my ACH info. Everything's cool, right? Wrong.

About 3 weeks later, I get a phone call from First Premier, which my wife takes. She doesn't know jack, and, as First Premier is known to do, they get rude with my wife over her deadbeat husband who hasn't paid his credit card. Of course, my wife has no "Velvet Glove" like I do. She gets rude right back. One angry phone call ends.

The wife calls me to let me know about the call, as I'm driving home. I get home, probably about 15 minutes after the phone call. I call First Premier. They tell me I'm 2 MONTHS late now. I freak. I tell the service rep that I don't want a notation on my credit report, and I'll do ANYTHING to make sure that doesn't happen. She tells me that they are at Day 58, and everything should be cool with a payment tonight. I calculate, and I know they reporting dates, and I know she's right. I ask over and over again, and she assures me everything is going to be OK.

The very next day I'm checking my reports. A 40-POINT DROP! WHAT?!?!? The reporting went in 2 days early! The guy that talked with my wife probably pulled the trigger. AAARRRGGGHHH!

So I call First Premier, and of course, no one can do anything about it. One guy says, "you should dispute it". :shock: Morons all.

But this will not stand. I'm not taking this one lying down. I will have satisfaction, one way of another.

I do some searching on the web, and actually find the number for the President of First Premier. :shock: I call the number, and talk to the President's secretary. I explain the situation to her, the bad ACH number, the talk I had with the rep, the whole thing. I'm polite with her, and simply ask her, "If there's ANYTHING you can do to help me out in this situation, I'd really appreciate it." She takes a look at my file, and even she's confounded by it. She tells me she'll look into it, and let me know in a few days (it's Thanksgiving time when this happened).

So about 4 days later, I get a call from the President's office. They are going to re-report with the CRAs. And within 5 days, all 3 CRAs are reporting no 30-day late :D .

Shows you what a little persistence can do. I'm tired now. I'm sleeping for a week after that ordeal.

P.S. This is NOT a endorsement. Even though I got what I wanted, First Premier still stinks, and you should avoid them like the ebola. No lie. Peace out.

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