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question before I start


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I was wondering the best way to go about this:

I never sent in my name change to social security when I got married. In fact, my cr is in my maiden name.

I have a judgement on there (showing not paid but it IS paid) that I know is in my married name.

I think step 1 is removing all old addresses.

step 2 disputing with the CRA's that the judgement in my married name is not mine. If no addresses match and the names dont match, they shouldnt be able to verify right?

Then, I can get my name changed through social security, have it put on my cr, delete my maiden name and go about removing the judgement in my maiden name by the same method, right?

will this work?

another thing,

I got a shitty credit report, its not thorough at all. How long does it take to get good hard copies via snail mail?

oh, and one last thing (for now)

do you fight all 3 cra's at once, or just clean up one at a time? which is the best method of attack?



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