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Results of dispute, many bankruptcy dates, none are right.


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I filed bankruptcy last year. I have six credit card accounts that I disputed with Experian. The accounts were all included in the bankruptcy, but none of them were reporting correctly. The results of the dispute arrived today. Each of the six accounts are now reporting IIB with a balance of $0.

However, each of the accounts is showing a different bankruptcy date. None of the bankruptcy dates is the correct date.

What should I do next?

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Im a TOTAL newbie, but from what I understand, and what I would do...

if the CRA's are not reporting correctly, THEY CANT REPORT! make them verify the report, if they cant, (dates included! all you have to do is dispute the date) then they have to take it off within 30 days.

if they dont, and verify,

ask MOV.

they have to give it. obvioulsly if dates are wrong they are not verifying correctly and then you follow with and ITS letter.

from what I understand,

take out your feelings,

rely on facts

are the facts correct?

if not delete.

if no delete and you have your proof,

sue for deletion

and if youre lucky, something in your pocket too.

Just starting here, so more words of wisdom requested.


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The first mistake was disputing as not IIB. I did the same thing as you, the reason being is, you can dispute a BK. You think the CRA's are contacting every courthouse to actually verify ? WRONG. If you dispute and they come back verified, then you request MOV. Since you know they won't be able to provide (which you can verify by contacting the courthouse) w/ some persistance you should be able to get them to remove. However, now, since you have those CCs marked as IIB it would be risky to try. 1.) because they'll be like why did you have your CCs marked as IIB if there was no BK, and 2.) If you did get the BK removed, if you credit was ever manually reviewed the person would be like "you have closed accounts marked as IIB, but no BK?.

Hindsight is always 20/20

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I don't know. I may be wrong, but if none of the tradelines are marked as IIB, I'd go for the big BK and get it gone. But if a few or some of the TLs are marked IIB, try to get them off first. To me even if you have some IIB tradelines and no BK on your reports, thats still better than a BK w/ the IIB tradelines. At least to an automated approval. Of course if a person was doing a manual review they'd be perplexed as to why there were IIB tradelines and no BK...... I guess it all depends on what you're looking to do....

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