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Court Case Stipulated Dismissal - how do I dispute with CRA

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Hi everyone...I had a default judgement I did not know about awhile back. Thanks to many people's help here I fought it in court. After several appearances and discovery, the JDB/Plaintiff asked for dismissal with prejudice. I stipulated to dismissal with prejudice and have the signed court document that says "both parties stipulate to dismissal with prejudice". I probably should have sued them but just was happy to have the matter done. I found out about the case because it was on my CR. I am working on cleaning up my CR from years ago and have made some progress thansk to much great advice from people in the forums.

I need to know how to dispute this with the CRA to remove the judgement from my CRA. Should I didpute or send a copy saying it was dismissed or what should I do at this point. Txs everyone in advance for the help.

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