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joint auto loan wife didnt sign


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Was the application joint?

Was your wife aware of you signing her name to a contract (ie: or did the salesman just throw that in to make sure there was another person to go after in the event of default)?

What state are you in?

Sounds like a contract law issue, something one of our member-attorneys would be best to answer.

I did, however, find this:

When you are dealing directly with individuals who are named in the

contract, then it is generally obvious who must sign...that is, who are

the necessary parties to the contract.

Remember that one person's signature cannot bind another person to do anything unless the person signing is legally authorized to do so. That often means that the authorization must have been given by means of a formally executed document in which the person not signing grants power of attorney for the necessary purpose to the person signing. Be sure that the power of attorney includes the power to bind the absent party to everything required under the contract. A "general power of attorney" can permit almost any act; a "limited power of attorney" specifies the particular things which can be done.


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