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Requesting some help with this?

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Here is a letter I received in response to a DV letter:

We are in receipt of your correspondence regarding information reported by a credit reporting agency related to the above referenced account. We have reviewed the information you provided, as well as our notes and the information provided by the original creditor.

As a result of our investigation we have reported your account as "disputed" to the credit reporting agencies. In accordance with your request to cease communication regarding this account, we will initiate no further contact with you regarding this account, unless requested to do so by you in writing.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Thats nice that they have abided by the law and reported that account as disputed but they have not validated it and I want it removed from my reports. they hold 2 accounts on my credit report. They have already sent me a fake validation on the first one and now they send this for the second account. No clue what to do now. Are they giving me the run-around?

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Are the accounts past SOL?

They could send it back to the OC if it wasnt "sold" to them or they could try for a Judgement. Make sure to keep all infractions recorded (just incase)

As for the Validation I would send them a letter stateing that they did not Validate and ask them to do so again. If they dont maybe your next step after that would be an ITS if it is not removed.

Anyone else have any good input for him? Or clean my answer up a bit? :oops:

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