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Date Assigned Issues


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CMI is reporting an account assigned in June of 2005 for an account that the OC says they referred to them in June 2004.

How can I get them to report the correct date? Can they decide what date they originally want to report it as?

I've already disputed it through Experian and it came back valid, but the date is definitely wrong. Any ideas?

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Thank you, LadynRed.

I thought that might be the case, however, on my credit report on MyFico.com, under Negative Factors, it says:

The time since your most recent derogatory public record or collection is too short

You have a collection on your credit file that was assigned 5 months ago. 14% of U.S. consumers have evidence of a collection on their credit file and the average time since it was assigned is a little over 2 years ago. Click here to review your Negative Items.

So it sounds like when it was assigned is hurting. Is that not the case?

Here are all of the dates listed, if that matters:

Date Assigned June, 2005

Date Reported November, 2005

Date Last Activity April, 2004

Status Date November, 2005

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Was the OC account charged off or just sent for collection? I do believe that the date of last activity is meaningless for a collection that is from a charged off account.

How do I tell?

On Experian it says:

Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department

It's CMI collecting for Cox Cable, if that helps any.

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Well the language doesn't specifically indicate it was a charge off. Normally an acount over 180 days will get charged off, but not always, depending on the amount you owe, but if the account was sent to collections it does mean it is closed. There should be a code somewhere on the report that would identify if the account is a charge off. Is line item just from the CA or is there also a line item from the OC as well?

Usually there are two line items for charged off accounts, the OC line item for the account they wrote off indicating closed, charged off, and the amount that was charged off and then the line item for the collection.

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