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PayPal Visa

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Well, Providian was just bought by WAMU, so I'm hoping that pushes them up from the Sub-Prime. We'll see.

Providian cards a good from what I can tell. I have two. You get some annoying phone calls in the begining about a shopping service and credit protection. I got my first w/ High 500s to Low 600s. $1000 limit. Second one w/ 680ish for $2500.

They pull TU, and usually go just by FICO score. The Paypal one seems to be pretty easy, my wife and both got one w/ low 600s and I even had a BK7 16 months post discharge.

Hope that helps.

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I have PayPal. They pulled TU. My FICO was right at 697 at the time with some pretty high balances on other cards, and an old CO (from MBNA 2002) on there. I was approved for $2500. The only thing I hate about Providian cards is that you can't request CLIs. You just have to wait for them.

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