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score on TU report, is it accurate?

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Hello All,

Although it's my first time posting, I've been browsing and working on my credit for a while now.

I have just received my TU credit report and it says on the score 643. It used to be 587 when I began about 12 months ago, so I am static about this...

Anyone know how accurate this is? Is this the real Fico?

Thanks in advance.

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Suppose you did have the “real” FICO score sitting in front of you.

That is still not going to be the same score that creditors are going to see, regardless of all the advertising you see on TV and on the net.

A “real” score is not generated by the government nor does it have any kind of official stamp of approval on it from a governmental entity. Credit scores come from private companies and they generate them in variety of a ways although many come from one source, the Fair Isaac Corporation.

But a credit bureau hawks a wide magnitude of products to creditors, especially the ones tailored to specific industries, like auto, mortgage, insurance, etc. And they tailor them to even more specialties.

Instead of jumping up for joy for an increase of a credit score, you ought to jump for joy when you spend a few years exercising responsible credit behavior; like paying all your bills on time, getting a good mix of credit lines, keeping your revolving credit lines low, maintaining long credit histories, etc. That will always assure good solid credit scores.

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