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Equifax....what did you say?

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So I sent a letter to Equifax with a copy of my DL to update my address and remove old addresses.

They were reporting the correct address, but had 4 priors (one of which was incorrect, the others were just old).

I logged into TC to see that they deleted all the addresses, except my last one, which they had as current. Why they deleted the current address, which was correct AND on my DL which I sent them, I don't know.

So I called today, and she verified the only addy they had for me was that older one. Then she said give it 7-10 days and call back. (I think that's what she said, I couldn't understand her too well).

Should I just call back and get someone else? I thought EQ was easy with change of addresses? Or should I send another letter? Or should I wait until a TL reports my new address? If I do that, my previous one will still be there, which I wanted removed, which was why I wrote the letter!

Sorry for the long post about something as silly as an address, but what a pain!

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