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Some good CHOD results

getting my house

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Well with all of your help and advice on this board I just noticed today one CA turned into a positive TL - DV'd no response but they reported to CRA and it turned into a positive line, acct paid in full for less than full balance, I can DV again can't I even though it is positive?

And my second result was a FLEET CO FOR $4000 GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sold to another lender. OMG this is the best one for me.

Still waiting on 2 other CA's - both dv'd one no response yet and the other improper validation, 2nd DV going out today. Also waiting for Amex CO and a bank overdraft CO to go away.

Scores dropped a smidge but I don't care. I am just happy for the changes thus far.

Thanks to ALL :everybodyclap:

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