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Happy Holidays 2 All!

I have twice DV'd RMA (Risk Management Alternatives) and have been ignored both times.

I twice disputed with the credit bureaus and both times have had this TL come back verified.

Now, I am trying to call RMA and record them saying that they either refuse to validate or have no records.

Here is the problem:

I have several phone numbers for RMA - 800-414-6703, (770) 925-5000,

(678) 417-8587

Each of these phone numbers is either out o service or "the circuits are busy" and it's been like this for a while!

How do I get RMA on the phone?! Does anyone have another number?

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Do I need to now start the DV process over with NCO even though this is reporting as RMA still? Is the fact that this is reporting as RMA something I can use with the credit bureaus? They've already verified twice. Coincidentally, I just had a something removed from NCO about a month back.

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