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Still having fun with Discover


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At the end of Oct. I reached a settlement with Discovercard's thugs Wolpoff and Abrams. In the process I sent them (W&A) a DV and Discover a DV, well two weeks ago I received my reply from discover here is the meat of the reply.

"Our records show that this account and balance was previously investigated numerous times and found that the balance is valid. We maintain the balance is valid and due in full.

Our investigation is complete and final. We will no longer be responding to any further communitcations. The account will remain to report as a charged off account on your credit file.

Payment must be received within 30 days from the date of this letter. Upon receipt of payment we will report to all credit reporting agencies in your area that this account is paid in full."

The payment they are talking about is the remaining balance from the settlement.

My question is, what direction do I go next?

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If you have the settlement in writing, and they are writing like that- especially refusing to talk to you, I would guess your only recourse is to file a lawsuit.

-Breach of contract


-FCRA violation- failure to investigate

- If it was W&A that sent that reply, you have FDCPA violations as well.

I'm sure you can think of others.

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