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“Know your enemy and know yourself..."


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Those sites are funny. The funny thing is, they cause sites like this one. I began my credit repair journey by paying a few collections. See, a combination of divorce and some medical bills, along with a career change trashed my credit. When I paid, and then found out that it didn't help my credit a bit, I realized this for what it is.

The credit system is a big game to the banks, like a big game of monopoly. There are rules to the game, there are winners and losers. Name calling (loser, deadbeat) doesn't change that. There is no incentive under the rules to pay once your account goes to collections, unless they agree to delete. The laws on this site are just a small part of the rules, but they allow you to even the game a little.

Like the movie "War Games" said- the only way to win is not to play. I have told my son- stay away from credit cards- or at least never carry a balance.

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