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Need guidance on DV w/ CRA and letter to OC

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Hi everyone, these forums rock! I've learned a lot and have made a few mistakes but I'm definitely on my way.

I need some help with a TL. At the beginning of Nov. 2005 I sent (corrected on 1/17/06 from DV to DISPUTE) letters to the 3 CRAs as not mine. I received responses from each:

Equifax - ">>> We have researched the credit account. Account # - ************* The results are: Equifax verified that this item belongs to you. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: " and it goes on to provide the address and phone number of the OC.

Experian - "Updated" A change was made to this item; review this report to view the change.

TU - "Verified, no change"

All three of the CRAs updates just show that the account has been sold to another company. The balances on the CRA reports show as $0, and one of the three has a different DOLA.

At the same time I sent a letter to the OC asking them to tell me what this account is. They responded with a letter that they received a dispute from one of the three major credit reporting agencies and they have completed their investigation, identifying the account as mine and sold. It goes on to say that if I still dispute this item I can write them again with ref #xxxx.

The company that the account was sold to is not on my CR and has not bothered me trying to collect, so far.

What I had in mind as my next step was to MOV the CRAs. I also thought to write the OC back and ask for my account history up until the point it was sold so I could try and poke holes in the CR info and dispute inaccurate items one by one trying to get the whole TL removed.

Anyone else had this situation to deal with or anyone with advice to offer up ? Your comments will help me decide what steps to take next.

As a background on this TL - it was mine and I will PFD if I have to , but only after exploring all avenue to have it removed first.

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First of all, hope you meant that you disputed with the CRA's as they are not bound by the FDCPA therefore, you cannot DV CRA's. Have you checked to see if TL is SOL? You can also check to see if the CA is licensed to collect in your state. These are just items to look at. I would send a DV to collection agency and ask OC for history on your account per FACTA. Since there is always a chance that there is an error in the account number, DOLA, amount you owe, it is wise to ask for history. If you definitely owe and are sure of the amount listed as owed, perhaps sending out a "goodwill" letter could also be an option. Do a search for some examples of these. You can also request a PFD, payment for deletion but these are not always very easy to acheive. Wait until all your info is collected and then you can decide which way is best to go. Take your time and always, always send out letters certified. Do not call or e-mail as you want to create a paper trail incase you need to someday go to court. Good Luck!

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rmuse, you know what - I did mean Dispute with the CRA's (made correction to the post above), thanks for pointing that out, too many acronyms in my head.

I'm in California and I don't think there are any collection licinging issues here. Please correct and direct if I'm wrong about that.

DOLA's for this TL from OC are:

EQ - 6/2003, CO as of 1/2004

EX - unable to determine DOLA, CO as of 1/2004

TU - unable to determine DOLA, "Date paid: 5/2003"

EQ & TU show last payment/final payment as 5/2003.

EX is hard to tell, date of status/last reported are both 2/2004

There is no CA showing on my CR's for this debt.

I never call or email, I always USPS Certified! :D

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Seems that debt is still within SOL. I would go ahead and DV the collection agency anyway, you can get CA information from CRA. If they do not validate and they have already validated with the CRA's they will be in violation. Be sure to read this thread on debt validation. Keep us posted and let us know how else we can help. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/debt_validation.shtml

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Did you send the request for account history to OC? That would be my next step. Not that an MOV would not be a good thing, you just want to make sure you have disputed with CRA's, any CA involved and OC's so that you can show that you tried to contact everyone in order to rectify their records. Most MOV's that are responded to usually will tell you that you need to go to the OC anyway, which is not true, but in any case contacting the OC in writing would be the best next step. :wink:

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