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My mother


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My mother has been getting contacted by a CA for a medical bill that my father incurred over a year ago, when he was still alive. The bill is for $45 that the Dr mistakenly billed to the wrong ins. company.

My mother has told them that he is dead, that the wrong insurance co was billed and asked them to leave her alone. The guy on the phone is telling her that since she is the executor of his will that they can put the negative on her report and even sue her if she doesn't pay.

This is an old woman who is trying to deal with the loss of her husband and now just 6 months later has to deal with some scumbag CA who is trying to earn a Christmas bonus threatening her with legal jargon.

I know you pricks read this site. You scumbags wanna know why people don't pay their bills? Most of them have a good legitimate reason. I tell you one thing, I will sue everyone of you every chance I get- I will advise people on how to beat you every chance I get. You are scum.

Oh, yeah- to the CA in this thread. I am coming for you. You have violated the law and I am not settling this one. I am paying for an attorney and we are going to push this to the maximum federal and state law will allow.

Sorry for the rant- I am mad.

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Contact her health insurance carrier.

1. Did they ever receive a claim for this bill?

2. If no, what is the time frame allowed by their agreement with the medical provider to file a claim.

3. If yes, was the claim filed within the parameters of the agreement?

What this means is that a provider who excepts assignement from a beneficiary agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set by the carrier. Most carriers have a set time frame for filing. AND, if the provider fails to bill within the agreed time frame, they are to write off and not bill the beneficiary.

Since you stated the bill was sent to the wrong carrier in the beginning, it is absolute the provider is at fault. While talking to your carrier, ask them if they have a special department for this matter as some do, and can offer assistance in resolving this. When I dealt with my carrier, they agreed to honor two bills that were over 4 years old.

Now, once you have your info from your carrier, you will contact the original provider of what has happened. Ask for the biggest boss in the building. Be sure and tell them that their assignee is threatening you and that they can be held liable for their assignee's actions. After you have explained that they are at fault, you have made it possible for them to bill your carrier and be paid. And, upon receipt of an explanation of benefits from your carrier, you will remit immediately any copay or cost share as noted on the EOB.

If, by chance, this amount owed is the "amount billed", you also want to know from your carrier if they have any stipulations regarding balance billing. Any provider who accepts assignment agrees to never bill a beneficiary more than the "allowable amount". An exmaple is the claim was denied as deductible was not met. the EOB will show the allowable amount. This is the maximum a provider can bill. Another question you will ask of them is if this amount is considered a "mutual agreement" item. What this means is that the provider and carrier both agree that the carrier will not pay that bill and the provider is to write off as a loss. One of the most common charges that fall into this is when an additional fee for emergency room services rendered between, say 10 PM and 6 AM.

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You don't understand- they cannot sue her- they can only sue my father's estate.

They cannot place the TL on her report- it is not her debt. Just because she is the executor does not make her personally responsible. They have her so intimidated that she just wants to pay it. These guys are scum and I don't want her to reward that kind of behavior.

I am going to C&D them and then we will see. I don't see them suing my father's estate for $45.

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