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How my settled account has recorded.


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I finally pulled my head out of the sand and found what looks to be a pretty good outcome of my settlement dealings. B of A has yet to report, but MBNA showed as this on my Truecredit report:

Sorry for the dashes, they were the only way I could creat colums.

MBNA AMERICA More about this account >>


Account No.-----------045*--------------045*---------------045*

Condition:--------Closed (Paid)-----Closed (Paid)----Derogatory

Balance:---------------$0---------------NO ENTRY-----------$0

Type:-------------Credit Card--------Credit Card-------Credit Card

Pay Status:---------Current------------Current------------Current

---------------------120 DAYS OK------120 DAYS CO ------120 DAYS OK


My credit scores were nearly 800 before being stuck with debt from a failed business. Before settling with MBNA my score had already dropped to where it is now. I imagine how the next two settlements post will greatly affect my future score.

Could it be that the lowered debt to income ratio (via settlement) is lessening the damage of lates and settling?

Any thoughts as to removing the CO reference from EX and the "Derogatory" from EQ?

After looking in the " more info" section of the report, I did find that all accounts are listed as settled in some way. I am curious what to do with the Charge Off status listed incorrectly. Should I act on it now or wait a while?


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