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Sherman reporting with no OC listing...


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I was able to write a letter to the president of cardmember services of CHASE bank (OC) and have them agree to have a charge off removed. It was almost 6 years old and was a unique situation in which my ex-wife used a card of mine for several years w/o me knowing.

The CA was originally Sherman, they are now reporting as LVNV w/o an OC even being listed on my credit report for this debt. I have attempted to validate the debt repeatedly over the last couple of years and received all the typical (if any) Sherman responses followed by them changing the name of the reporting CA subsidiary every 6 months or so.

This will be my first attempt to get them to remove the TL since the OC agreed to remove their TL.

I am hoping to apply for a mortgage in January and was hoping for some input on what you guys think will be the fastest way for me to force Sherman/LVNV to remove their TL. All advice is appreciated.

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