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My progress so far


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This is my dv battle so far...


Mailed DV to CA on two diff accounts

Received green cards on both letters


Received response letter to 1st account with standard CA print out. Not valid.


Received letter regarding 1st account stating they were marking TL as disputed and that they were conducting their investigation.


Received 2 letters in same envelope regarding 1st account. one letter stated that they were sending off for documents from OC. The other stated that they understand that I am claiming fraud and to supply them with fraud documents as in police reports, documents from CRA's and letter from OC stating that the account is fraud.

LMFAO, I did not claim fraud. I claimed that I have no recollection of this account and requested VALIDATION.


Checked my credit reports and their TL on that account is no longer on any of the 3 reports but the 2nd account remains.

I have not heard from them on the 2nd account as of yet.

I mailed out two other DV to two diff other CA on 11-28-05 but have not received green cards yet. I checked with USPS web site tonight and one has no info and the other was delivered to wrong city and state! Can they not read the address labels?...lol I guess I will get refunded $10 bucks tomorrow. I printed out the web page stateing this info to show USPS clerk.

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Actually, you are in a pretty good situation...

You can use the documentation of what the CAs send you to your advantage. Simply include copies of them in your next round of disputes with the CRAs explaining that these people have their heads up their [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

Computer print out is not verification and you can use the Wollman FTC opinion letter to back that up...

And since they misunderstood you on the fraud, you can also explain to the CRAs that this outfit doesn't know what it is doing and is not able to provide any verification whatsoever...

And keep sending out the DVs EVERY 30 days... The more lame responses you get or a stack of green cards can always be used to your advantage...

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Yes wolf, I was going to but since they decided to remove their TL on the first account, I don't have to mess with the CRA's. They have a short time remaining on the 2nd account as I have not heard back from them on that DV yet. They have until the 1-8-06 to respond on 2nd account. Thanks for the reply on it though. I can use all the feedback I can get.

I haven't responded to any of the letters yet. I'm still waiting to see if they can pull anything from last CA. I kinda just chuckled when I got the fraud letter, lol. Since they have peacefully removed their TL, I don't think I need to send a follow up letter as their actions have proved that they don't have and can't prove squat. :wink::p

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