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700 !!!


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They are FAKO's but they are 700+ !!!

I have got both Experian and Equifax to 703 and 711 respectively. Last time I checked my FICO's were actually higher than what my TrueCredit FAKO's were, so hopefully my FICO's are still higher and that would make me very happy, hell I'm happy just to have a FAKO 700+.

Transunion is still down at 631, which is a bummer. Part of that being a Charge-off I can't seem to get rid of and the other part being Transunion is by far the slowest updater (for me anyway).

Well just wanted to let you people know that it was, in most part, this website and all of your guys' help. Thank you for getting me into the 700 club.

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